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Conversation 🧡

We often have too many impediments when it comes to communication…be it in any kind of relationship!It has become so strenuous,to initiate a conversation be it the first time you meet a person or say it loud when you really don’t want to meet a person..! Well when we speculate things, that has changed tremendouslyContinue reading “Conversation 🧡”


How to be in a relationship!? how to survive an entire liaison? how do we adapt to an alliance?!! we all have known tonnes of quotes, tales, and books contributing ample mastery about each skill and schemes to endure a decent relationship..! In spite of all the hard work the individuals put in, at timesContinue reading “PAUSE 💔”

Fantasy tales💖

We all wonder how the universe contains the ✨earth and all of its beings..fairytales that existed a long time before reality crashed into human sanity.. However, none of us ever want to seclude ourselves from dreaming a fairytale once in a while..Ummm..!the perfect human to be around..making us our scrumptious dessert as a surprise, takingContinue reading “Fantasy tales💖”

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